**Since 05-02-2016 we are no longer active.**

As a renowned online platform, SEKOIA has been connecting fans of deep electronic music around the world to quality music, artists and labels. Based in the Netherlands, SEKOIA has been using its online and offline channels to spread the word about all the great music out there. Through their daily sharing of tracks, their monthly podcast, their contribution to the Dutch edition of DJMAG and their hosting of events throughout the Netherlands, SEKOIA has managed to reach a large audience, to which it shares its musical knowledge.

SEKOIA is a community focussing on taking deep electronic music to a higher level by sharing knowledge and information about these beautiful tracks. We always try to give as much credits as possible to rightful owners and encourage our visitors to support the creators in any way they can. If you’re an artist, label or by any means associated with the distribution or production of the music we share and you want it to be taken down, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Got something to say? A question, love, hate or business proposal? Feel free to contact us through our contactform. We’ll try to answer all of you as soon as possible but don’t be mad if we forget. We still like you.

We love music, so we automatically love promos. Feel free to send us your work but tell us why you made what you made and why it would fit SEKOIA. Please make sure you send us a full-length preview (streaming – no downloads!).

**Since 05-02-2016 we are no longer active.**

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