Artist: Ada
Title: Blindhouse
Label: Areal Records
Catalog#: AREAL010
Releasedate: 2002-10-07

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Blindhouse is an intimate trip in the back of a taxi driving home. Preferably riding alone, because this song has no catchy hooks, or drops, or fancy build ups. Everything is subtle, and the absence of all these aspects which can be so entangling in electronic music, creates space for a laid back vibe, which, for reasons we yet have to discover, feels incredibly cozy and familiar. Maybe the bass synth reminds us a bit of Groove Armada’s smasher ‘My Friend’, and maybe that’s where the familiarity comes from.

But next to that, this Ada track can do well without that comparison, because as a stand alone song, it embodies enough personality to be seen as unique. All the elements are strikingly good, and work together like a well organized house holding. 

Max Ferdinand