Artist: Calibre
Title: Don’t Watch This
Label: Signature Records
Catalog#: Sig ltd. 10 001
Releasedate: 29-11-2005

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Drew Selby: FLICK

We know for a fact that a lot of people have been searching for this release. Does it surprise us? Definitely not. It’s topnotch in the jazz-injected house scene. It’s not typically SEKOIA, but the track feels like life is funky. As we’re flipping this record from A to B we’re starting to imagine ourselves a few years back. Sunglasses on, shirts open until our belly button, chest hair all over and a big shiny chain around our necks. We’re making that flashy entrance at the club the same decennium our parents did. Give a wink to the girl at the bar, followed by a funky slide to the dance floor. Boy can we enjoy soul, funk and disco nowadays.
We guess this track by Calibre Dnb makes a lot of people relive the old days, when George Benson, Chic and Sister Sledge dominated the charts. It’s all that but with a 21st century touch. Young and old, we’ve all experienced that moment when an angry parent shouts from downstairs to “turn that bloody music down”. We bet that when the needle hits this piece of gold, your parents actually will shout to turn it up. 

Tom Stigter