Artist: Eefje de Visser
Title: Scheef
Label: Eefjes Platenmaatschappijtje
Catalog#: EEFJE11006
Releasedate: 08-01-2016

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The term “best kept secret” has been subject to inflation, due to our customs to over exaggeration everything. So most of the time when you hear a term like this you have to take it with a pinch of salt. Having said this, we’ll risk doing the same, without the salt though, because Eefje de Visser is genuinely one of Holland’s best kept secrets. We have never featured a Dutch spoken song here, but with Eefje, we simply had no choice.

Scheef is the opening song to her latest album, ‘Nachtlicht’, and feels as much as a fusion between the perfectly produced beats from Moderat and the etherial lyrics and folk atmosphere from Bon Iver. Taking a crash course in the Dutch language to understand the subtleties of the lyrics would be too much to ask, but the thing with Eefje’s music is that along the way you forget the language, and get carried away into a modern and fresh environment where speech doesn’t matter. She sings mysteriously but intriguing, and the lyrics are tied and intertwined with the melody. If you do happen to understand it, her poetic style of emphasizing and clever play with the conventional rules of sentences delights you. The combination of her imperfect and warm voice with the synthesizers and drum machines work like a charm, and instantly fades out all unwanted noise, and opens the curtains to a wonderful little world worth spending time in. Cheers!

Max Ferdinand