Artist: Fort Romeau
Title: Diana
Label: Cin Cin
Catalog#: CINCIN001
Releasedate: 21-12-2015

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So it’s 2016 already. The holidays are behind us and everything is returning back to ‘normal’. In most of the world it’s still cold and cozy in the streets. As we managed to pull through the first fresh days of the new year, we’re giving up on some actual plans and new year resolutions already.
But it’s the time to round some old things up and start some new. Some are making up their minds, preparing to change radically, some are settling down or realizing everything is going pretty steady. For everyone it should be something different really. But more importantly is to honor these future prospects with your friends, siblings, family or loved ones. Oh, and music ofcourse! How did we almost forget? It’s a time to come closer to the things where your heart lies. To go in depth with the old or to create a blank slate to start the new. Don’t rush it into the new year, it might be slippery.

Tom Stigter