Artist: Frank Martiniq
Title: Under The Boardwalk
Label: Curle Recordings
Catalog#: CURLE040D
Releasedate: 22-10-2012

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There aren’t many, but still, sometimes you have those days… after a music-overdosed weekend, no sound even comes close to what you want to hear on that particular moment. It was that kind of weekend again. Started at Friday afternoon, ended somewhere on Sunday.

But it’s Monday… and as you’re dressing up, struggling to eat a banana while doing your hair, you listen to the news. It’s telling all the horror stories that have happened while you were having that great weekender. You step out of the door, headphones on. No bangers please, Let’s stay in sleep mode for as long as is possible. Lets just ‘zombie’ our way towards work. The longer we stay in this condition, the more time passes by without noticing. You’re only longing for the bed you just left.

Occasions like these need a delicate tune that just pampers you through the hours. Frank Martiniq delivers with ‘Under The Boardwalk’. It reminds us a bit of the sound coming out of those plastic things that hang above a baby’s crib. Still the bassline gives it a certain deeper dimension. Combined it’s just that mellow flow that will get you through Monday.

Tom Stigter