Artist: Gabriel Magdelani
Title: Face Down (Lars Behrenroth Remix)
Label: Deeper Shades Recordings
Catalog#: DSOH055
Releasedate: 28-12-2015

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Most of the time the tracks we feature are a bit dark, deep or melancholic. Sad… one might say. Just to make sure: we’re shiny happy people. It just happens to be that we like these characteristics in music. Still, nobody can avoid the occasional sparkle in your mood. The moment of ecstasy as you hear that one joyful tune.

You’re standing in front of a traffic light, this Lars Behrenroth remix kicks in, and all of a sudden a smile forces its way upon your face. Sun breaks through the clouds and dashes of sunlight are clearing up the whole area. Birds land on your shoulders, whistling delicately along with the tune. Halo above your head. Butterflies everywhere and perhaps even a few of those flying elephants we mentioned earlier. Enjoy this moment of cheerfulness, next feature will be dark again: ‪#‎janken‬ 

Tom Stigter