Artist: Galcher Lustwerk
Title: Come Over
Label: Unknown
Catalog#: Unknown
Releasedate: 03-03-2014

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Lustwerk: WEB | SC

Dangerous…Dan: FLI

It’s that time of the year again. Over 350.000 dance music enthusiasts spreading out over the city of Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event. Five days of partying, connecting, dancing, meeting old acquaintances, making new friends and basically everything else except sleeping enough and eating healthy. But hey, you can always do that next week. These days Amsterdam is the epicenter of dance music and everybody that is worth a dime is in town.

In the meantime, our crew is spread out all over the city, attending and working a multitude of events. From the Muziekgebouw to Loveland to the Marktkantine and lots of events in between. For the ones that can’t be here: here’s a little Galcher Lustwerk to keep you entertained. For the ones that are attending: ‘Why don’t you… come over’ and give us a shout. Happy ADE everyone!

Florinsz Janvier