Artist: IVVVO
Title: Rave 2 Die
Label: Opal Tapes
Catalog#: OPALCOL
Releasedate: 2015-09-30

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Dangerous…Dan: FLI

It’s not that IVVVO is an anonymous alias, but the name holds a lot of mystery and that’s mainly because of the ravery 90’s gabber sound he has captured in a lot of fresh releases. With two albums and a big hand full of EP’s on Opal Records, Crème Organization and a stunning and powerful release under an alias called Laurent on Gene’s Liquor, IVVVO is the raw gem we cherish. True underground with the sound of the underground, maybe this is part of the mysterious vibes around this artist and his music.

Since we’re from Holland we cannot deny that we are hearing a lot of Gabber influences in his heavier tracks. As well in ‘Rave 2 Die’, it breathes the Dutch 90’s when bomber jackets, Nike Air Max and bold heads ruled the dance industry. It’s nice to hear such influences being brought back and being wrapped in sounds we can relate to at this day and age. The tempo is quite different but the reference is all in the atmosphere. Bet a lot of people will recognize this. Dig through IVVVO’s catalogue, he’ll introduce you to a sound you’re not yet familiar with. We’re supporting this full on, Rave Is Not Dead.

Tom Stigter