Artist: Koett
Title: Night Furia
Label: Atomnation
Catalog#: ATM034
Releasedate: 05-02-2016

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Koett, Aleksander Tochilink, released his debut album on Atomnation in back 2013 and now he’s back with new material. ‘Thaw’ will be released in February but we have been glowing over ‘Night Furia’ for some time already. The opening track of the new album is some very solid work. That rhythmic baseline, the wonderful snare and allover melancholic mood takes us right back to past nights in TrouwAmsterdam.

Probably the coolest fact about this tune is that it was recorded on a Polivoks, or Polyvox or Поливокс if you want! A duophonic analog synthesizer comparable to the ‘Moog’ but a Soviet production. “It is arguably the most popular and well known Soviet synthesizer, likely due to the uniqueness of both its appearance and sound. Because of its unique history and relative rarity, the Polivoks has become popular as much for its sounds as for its aesthetics.” Comes to show: it takes beautiful instruments to make beautiful music.