Artist: Loosefingers
Title: Lamentation
Label: Alleviated Records
Catalog#: ML2221
Releasedate: 2003-12-01

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Dangerous…Dan: FLICK

High on the energy, high on the groove, high on the bounce, yet totally relaxed. It’s a one of a kind combination that isn’t done very often. And even when it’s done, that doesn’t mean it’s done right. This is where skill and experience play the biggest roles, and Loosefingers aka Larry Heard has plenty of it to spare.

The most interesting part of this tune? It’s all repeated. No element is longer than 16 bars, of changes after that. Even that dreamy synth lead just repeats itself over and over again. Nothing happens, yet everything happens. This is clever arrangement at it’s best. Using your given parts to the maximum, and the result is beautiful. 

Florinsz Janvier