Artist: Luminodisco
Title: Understory
Label: Hell Yeah
Catalog#: HYR 7142
Releasedate: 09-04-2015

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Tracks that convey emotions with a wide array of backgrounds are hard to follow. Combining so many ethnical influences can go wrong easily, and you end up with a product that pretends to be something its not. It’s a delicate line you’re walking on. Luminodisco is the moniker of Italian producer Federico Costantini, a music fanatic, who makes kraut influenced disco music.
The Italian kitchen is very simple, yet elegant. You can get away with a lot, as long as you follow three ground rules: cook fresh, keep it simple, and balance your ingredients well. This is not to be mistaken for laziness by the way, because it is all about balance, finesse and timing. The same applies for Understory, where everything is mixed gently and with time and care. You venture from a Lion King like savanna to tribes in North America, and end up with a big portion of funk and slow grooving mushiness. It could go totally wrong, but the introduction of the funk is done so well, that you don’t even think about boundaries anymore. Ain’t that a thing.

Max Ferdinand