Artist: Nami Shimada
Title: Sunshower
Label: Creme Organization
Catalog#: CREME1217
Releasedate: 2004-12-01

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Creme Organization’s limited re-issue of this record was the reason that we got introduced to this disco-ish Japanese house sound. And it’s so delightfully refreshing. The vocals you hear, which we can’t understand, are from Nami, who was a young Japanese pop star in the 80′s. Soichi Teradapolished it up and made a timeless, easy to the ear jam around it.

Although it’s a light and enjoyable track to listen, still it has a melodramatic vibe going on in there.. The synth, leading the vocals, isn’t that warm at all and the robotic voice gives it a certain dark twist. What she is singing? We could only guess… Any Japanese followers in the house? But in a way, it actually appeals to us very much, vocals that we can’t understand. Whispering, mumbling or a foreign language. It leaves some gaps to fill with your own imagination; your own interpretation or it leaves some blank-spots, not to fill in at all. It might just add up to the mystery that’s hidden in a track. 

Tom Stigter