Artist: New Musik
Title: Warp (Ilo Edit)
Label: Pleasure International Exports ‎
Catalog#: PIE-1101
Releasedate: May 2014

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Ilo: SC

Drew Selby: FLI

Sometimes social media makes you think having an off day is something that’s out of the ordinary. We’re getting a bit tired of all the perfect profiles and lifestyles that people are pretending to live. Somehow people are always sunbathing, drinking from coconuts and driving an expensive car one-handed while pleasing two girls with the other.

You don’t need to ‘positify’ your life. It sucks, often. Just like everybody else’s. When you’re really enjoying yourself, making videos should be the last thing on your mind. Seizing the moment, celebrating life and death and realizing (or not) what is happening around you should. Don’t care about those glamour accounts and return to yourself, head for the bunkers.

Maybe for once, leave your phone at home and head out to the city. Be with friends, don’t check in, don’t check out and don’t make a single picture. Just don’t report. At all. Experience the night and make memories that you will carry on, only in your head. They even get better overtime! Exit life at the door, take it back home when you leave the venue.

Tom Stigter