Artist: Opal
Title: Equilibrium
Label: Unreleased
Catalog#: Unreleased
Releasedate: Unreleased

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Today feels like a fine day to feature a new and (to us) unfamiliar DJ/producer. Berlin based Opal is exploring the fine lines of deep electronics and it seems he’ll be digging around there for some time to come. Bright future ahead? We’d like to think so! Opal’s music ranges between deep and melodic techno, industrial and house. While checking his other productions you’ll notice that deep melodic techno is his primary style. Something that we, as you know, support big time.. but this house influenced track called ‘Equilibrium’ really caught our ears.

It’s a wavy track that feels like everything is going up and down, all is fine yet nothing is stable. We’ve noticed our heads going slightly left to right like and Obama bobble head. That’s fine, it’s a delicate tune. You won’t be head butting anyone near you in class while playing this one over your headphones. Go on, let Opal introduce himself to you, grant this man your follow-click, more fine stuff is up ahead.

Tom Stigter