Artist: Polynation
Title: Damp
Label: Atomnation
Catalog#: ATM032
Releasedate: 13-11-2015

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Polynation is a strong riser in the Dutch electronic community. Hessel Stuut and Stijn Hosman’s mix of live synthesizers and drums is a pleasure for every club and festival, and slowly they started to release tracks. First Dew on Atomnation’s “25” compilation and later on Anther on Nuno Dos Santos’ Something Happening Somewhere label. Now, a 6 track ep is released.

As one of the most laidback track on the EP, Damp is also one of the darkest. Its pads, effects and piano transport a melancholic mood. The same transport as where the languid beat is on. Transcending soundscapes are layered perfectly and even though the track is very mellow in the beginning, it rises to considerable energies along the way. A true slow dancefloor burner. 

Will Oirson