Artist: PVNV
Title: Intrasolaar
Label: Taapion Records
Catalog#: TPN003
Releasedate: 17-11-2014

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We’re wondering if the following anecdote is a relatable situation for you guys. Sometimes there is this rare kind of day that you step outside the door, put your headphones on and browse though your device to put on some music. Eventually, ten minutes later, no decision has been made. Finally you’ve put something on, immediately realizing that it’s just not the vibe you’re in to right now. You cannot find the suitable music that fits your mood at that specific moment. It comes down to listening to snippets of tracks until your destination is reached or your playtime is over. Shifting between styles, between the fine lines of genres and music you listened to as a teenager. Nothing will do.

As we have set certain borders to the music that we are re-posting every now and then, we are floating between the very widely stretched lines of electronic music. So you might think there always will be a path out there to wonder off on, even when if it’s not clear where you want to go. Actually there is, there always is. It comes down to realizing that these moments you might need some silence, a conversation, something totally different. If not, you just turn on some deep ambient influenced techno that drags you through these horrible music-loathing moments. Helps us from time to time. 

Tom Stigter