Artist: Round
Title: Glass
Label: Hivern Discs
Catalog#: HVN025
Releasedate: 2014-12-22

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Around this time of year in 2014, Hivern Discs put out their last release of the year and presented a surprising newcomer. Danish producer Torsten Lindsø Andersen, a.k.a. Round came up with what seemed to be the perfect three-tracker called ‘Glass’. Perfect because all three tracks were unanimously received positively, being unique in their own way while still fitting into one package of release. There is a certain veil of gentle elegance to all of them, wrapped around a strong subby bassline, perfectly illustrated by the titles they are accompanied with.

We picked the title track ‘glass’. We can imagine it is named after the material because it includes both the strength of it as well as the bright nature, the bass reflecting the former and the dreamy soundscapes the latter. Glass is one of those tracks that fits in almost any kind of set. Beautiful as warmup, perfect at peak time to fit in between more driving slammers. Unsurprisingly , there was a vast selection of artists that played it out in the past year, but in our eyes it was never overused. Thanks for that! Since this release, Round has released some amazing new stuff as well. Check it out if you have the time! 

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