Artist: Shed
Title: The Bot
Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: ostgutlp06
Releasedate: 30-08-2010

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Sometimes we make a little step left or right uploading something that’s not quite what we usually represent. You should never bet on one horse, so let’s see if you will call this one. Rene Pawlowitz is a man of many names, one even more brilliant than the other. EQD, Head High, WK7, The Traveller are just a few of his aliases and we’re certain that there are a lot more out there. Though, his most successful and well-known moniker is Shed​ The variety of music Shed delivers is like the color spectrum that guy from the local paint shop gives you to choose a new color for your living room from. Impossible. It’s all one style, it has a coherent vibe, but on the other hand is all totally different from each other. While browsing through his discography we more and more realize what kind of virtuoso he is and has been for years.

‘The Bot’ is a dubby breakbeat track with a fragile chord smothering the heavy kick. Really not much going on here you might think… Wrong. This track is evolving in its entire duration. The loose kicks from the beginning, being far apart with lots of silence are later on bound together by a more heavy short edged chord, some background noise, some magic and some mystery.

Sometimes music is composed so delicately that it takes more than one listen to understand what the track is about. Your hearing capability will evolve and you’ll notice a different side of this piece every time you’re focusing on a different aspect. The kick is pretty heavy and present, and if not listened closely the rest perhaps will slip through unnoticed. Train your listening skill, you’ll be loving music even more if you can filter things out and hear a track in a way only you can.

Tom Stigter