Artist: Shigeto
Title: Need Nobody
Label: Ghostly International
Catalog#: GI257
Releasedate: 2015-10-30

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Alex Holyoake: FLI

Ahww, the days between Christmas and New Years Eve. Reminiscing about 2015? You bet we are. What better way to do this than with a bit of melancholic, glitchy synthesizer bliss playing in the back. ‘Need Nobody’ it is, by Shigeto.

Jazz, IDM, Trip-hop, Ambient, Electronica; working with Detroit rappers, playing electronics in a jazz quartet and working on a live ensemble arrangement… There should be absolutely no question about Shigeto’s multi-talent wunderkind status. The young Michigan resident indicated he has been drawing inspiration from the same label the ‘Intermission EP’ is released on: Ghostly International.

Shigeto fits the cross-genre approach of the label very well. Browse through his past releases (or better yet, simply listen to Intermission completely) and you find a diverse palette of breakbeats, ambient soundcapes, dubplates and overall patterns inspired by the influences mentioned above, all with a multitude of layers and depth. Even ‘Need Nobody’ in itself already has a wild variety of borrowed elements, from the retro synthesizer that gently weeps throughout the track, to the sturdy dubstep-like percussion and raw saw bass. A big recommendation from our side if you’re into a broad electronica. Enjoy these days! 

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